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coworking space in saket

Flexibility is one of the most common terms that every second person in India uses in his day-to-day work life. People are no longer bound to work in a restricted area with rigid work schedules. Moreover, the COVID-induced lockdowns have also made people understand the value of work-life balance and therefore, they are now choosing flexible solutions over old-school criteria in their professional space. And when it comes to flexible solutions, ‘Coworking’ is the one name that comes in everyone’s minds.

There is hardly any person in modern India who doesn’t know about the concept of coworking. Be it small startups or large and well-established firms, all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs are looking to have their office space in a premium coworking centre at a prime location. However, considering the rising demand of flexible workspaces in our country, it is not very easy to get an office space of your dreams, especially in a city like Delhi which is the second biggest startup hub in India after Bangalore. 

Yes, it is true that there is no dearth of coworking spaces in Delhi NCR but how would you know which one is right for you? In today’s tech-driven world, people’s expectations for a perfect office space have completely changed. Some believe that amenities and services are the two most important factors to consider while choosing a coworking space, while others postulate that the location and reputation of the brand is a must. However, finding all these things under one roof is a daunting task.  

Speaking of the location factor, people’s work address is merely considered as a basic information now, it has become more of a status symbol for the professionals. Apparently, in the post-covid era, luxury is not limited to just your homes and lifestyle, young professionals also desire to work in a luxurious workspace where they can enhance both creativity and productivity.

In Delhi, there are a plethora of premium coworking spaces, out of which Collative Coworking stands out as the most sophisticated one in the South Delhi region. You must be wondering why we have opted for Collative as the best coworking space in Delhi? Well, there are several explanations behind this statement and we will discuss them in our new feature series – Coworking Of The Month 

Let’s start by understanding how does Collative team work. 

About Collative

collative coworking in south delhi

Located in the heart of South Delhi, Collative is a luxurious coworking brand that helps businesses to elevate their work experience. They provide a peaceful environment to boost your productivity. A quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more positive atmosphere. Employees need to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best performance and that’s why the team of Collative Coworking has focused on every single detail of their huge workspace to make it comfortable and welcoming for clients. 

From the house of Rajdarbar Realty, this coworking space in Saket reflects the essence of traditional Indian heritage with a touch of modern luxury. With this new coworking venture, Rajdarbar aims to promote their legacy of providing Regal Experiences to its Clientele. From architecture to ambience to aesthetics, all these factors that pique one’s interests in Collative workspace are inspired by the Traditionalism that Rajdarbar boasts proudly. 

Talking about the launch of Collative Coworking in Delhi, its Sales and Marketing Manager, Rajdeep Bose said, “We have had this space since a long time and we wanted to come up with a Coworking Space in New Delhi. We saw the challenges of the coworking market in Delhi and how the clients have to move to Gurgaon to get the membership of premium coworking spaces. Coworking is an industry which has been booming for a long time. Rajdarbaar has a diverse portfolio but nowadays they are really focusing on the real estate sector. If you look into Global Foyer, we have a premium clientele like Mercedes, Hitachi, Toyota and all these big brands.”

“Since we already had a space that could actually solve the problems that the coworking industry is facing at the moment such as the challenges that come up in terms of space, parking, flexibility etc, we decided to give it a try and make this into a coworking space. Ever since we have started, I think we are going pretty good. We have already booked 200+ seats. It started off as a pilot project but we have been pretty consistent in the market, considering the segment and micro-location that we fall under. It’s been five months already and I have spent 0 on my marketing, we are just focusing on the branding of our company,” the 27-year-old added. 

Providing ‘Calm In Chaos’

coworking space in south delhi

Every brand in the world has a tagline or a catchphrase which truly depicts their nature of business and Collative is no different. They tend to be your “calm in chaos”. To be synonymous with Luxury Coworking Spaces, the South Delhi-based company desires to make its members work experience class apart. They envision to be India’s Best-Picked Premium Coworking Partner, which is bustling with top-notch facilities and has an impeccable taste in creating a contented environment for clients. Their tailor-made meeting rooms, workstations, confidential rooms and vibrant cafeteria will allow you to have a fine working experience and transform your entire business journey. 

Standing Out From The Crowd

coworking space in saket

In the pool of other top coworking brands who are blazing all guns out to gain traction, Collative is carving out a niche for itself by offering one-of-a-kind amenities.  

  • Dedicated workstation & lockers
  • Doctor-on-call facility available for medical needs
  • Phone booths for undisturbing business calls
  • Rejuvenating cafeteria & coffee kiosks
  • Exclusive shower area for you to get refreshed
  • Secured keyless entries & 24×7 surveillance
  • Recharge in sleeping pods & wellness rooms
  • Mothercare rooms & prayer room
  • Complimentary tea/ coffee services
  • Business concierge round-the-clock
  • Best in class data connectivity
  • Expeditious customer assistance
  • Timely disinfection & sanitization

Highlighting the USPs of the centre, Rajdeep further conceded, “Honestly, with this property, there is a certain feeling of calmness which is usually hard to find in commercial areas of New Delhi. You can even be assured to find a safe parking spot for yourself as well as your visitors every day. The number of options that you can find in the property is endless. If somebody is coming to meet you and you don’t have much time to go to some restaurant or coffee shop, we have it all here. You can cater to your visitors very well. You want to take a quick nap at work, we have a proper room for that.”

“Usually, in the coworking spaces nobody can sit in the open area as somebody will come up and say can you please scooch. I have space for 300 odd people to sit across my space. They can sit anywhere they feel like. We have a cafeteria, atrium, game zone, and phone booths. We can cater to multiple client requirements at once,” he said.

Reason Behind The Success Of Collative Coworking

When we asked him about the reason behind the success of Collative so far, Bose said, “I think if you look into the pricing, we have gone very aggressive with the competition. Nowadays, if you want a decent coworking space in Delhi, premium coworking brands will charge you hefty prices. But the benefit we have over our competitors is that we own this space. There is no landlord or any third party involved. All the decisions will be taken by Rajdarbaar Realty only. So, the price point is really something where we have really played well.”

“We are very flexible when it comes to a lot of things like customisation options. Coworking spaces are not very open to customisation options in general. Though our entire property is already built, we are still ready to rebuild a lot of areas to cater to client requirements as per the possibility, given the fact that the respective client is willing to stay for a longer period of time. And coworking is the accumulation of both product and services. If I don’t maintain my services that way then it all doesn’t make any sense,” he further explained. 

To know more about such inspiring stories of premium coworking spaces in Delhi NCR, stay tuned with Book Office Now. 

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