Elements to Make Your Co-Office Space Playful

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These days, more and more companies are willing to embrace an office culture that’s playful. By encouraging employees to occasionally have fun and relax at work, companies expect to boost their productivity and reduce stress. Making the office a fun place to work can also help with employee retention and branding. On that note, numerous companies have been redesigning their office spaces to make room for things such as sports, games, and even bars. 

Of course, it works better for some industries and not all and there’s also a risk of taking the fun vibe way too far, the combined aspects of social interaction and physical movement make it an idea with numerous benefits.  Let’s have a look at some of them:

Better Productivity:

For employees to operate at their peak potential, quality breaks work like magic. According to research, quality breaks, no matter the length may effectively boost productivity. Play breaks are particularly more useful to relieve stress, improve brain function, boost productivity and improve your relationship with others. 

Better Employee Health:

Sitting at a place for long periods is linked to a number of health problems- from heart diseases to obesity and even cancer. The best employers are the ones that get their staff moving. Playful fixtures not only encourage movement but also serve the dual purpose of incorporating healthy physical activity as well as encourage productivity-boosting breaks. It also encourages good mental health. 

Better Branding:

A brand that reflects the company’s values attracts the best clients and hires. So if you feel your company’s identity must include being playful, your office must reflect those qualities. Incorporating the elements listed below can be a great way to make sure your co-working space has the maximum hits when people search for co-working space near me:


A common feature of office spaces in Silicon Valley, slides are a fun way to make your office playful. Besides giving out the impression that your company values play, these fixtures appear cool and encourage employees to skip the elevator. No matter the style, there’s an office slide out there perfectly designed for you. From primary colors to wooden styles and treehouse slides, the choice is yours to make. 


Although there’s no physical health benefit associated with having an office bar, the mental and socializing benefits are immense. A beautifully designed office space with a bar to relieve stress can be great for mental wellness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all about booze but may also serve coffee and other drinks so that no one feels left out. 

Games, Toys and Gaming Areas:

There are many games and toys that can be implemented in office space: Legos, nerf guns, ball pits, arcade games to name a few. Some companies even prefer individual and dedicated game rooms. Table games such as pool, table tennis, ping pong or air hockey can be nice additions if you have the space. 

Outdoor Athletics:

If you are looking for something that actually gets the blood running, you may consider an outdoor sports feature. Outdoor volleyball or basketball courts are great, to begin with. Walking paths are also a good way to boost activity and ideal for walk-and-talk meetings. 

Efforts to make employees feel healthy, comfortable, and productive go a long way in boosting productivity. Based on your office culture, choose the elements that best serve the purpose. 

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