Five Best Ways To Market Your Coworking Space

Five Best Ways To Market Your Coworking Space

The demand for flexible workspace has been thoroughly increased in the past few years of pandemic. With the changing dynamics of the business world, companies have shifted their focus towards hybrid model of working, leading to the surge in the sales of sharing office spaces.

But the main problem about these modern coworking spaces is that, many people are still not aware of this concept. If you want to make your presence felt among the large number of prime workspaces available in the market, you will be needing to enhance your space’s visibility online.

Wondering, how would you do that? Don’t worry we will tell you the best ways to market your space.  

Here are some proven strategies that will certainly help you in promoting your workspace organically, online and offline.

1. Start by Creating a Website

If you are new in the Realty business, you have to put a little more extra efforts at the initial stage to make your coworking space stand out.

Always remember that your space’s online presence will be the first contact a potential client could possibly have with your business. So, it is very important to build a basic form of digital presence, i.e, a website to promote your platform organically.   

To create a website for your coworking space, you need to first think what kind of a content you would like to present on it, whether it should be a general content, mentioning all the details about your company or you want to focus on any specific niche.

Once you have created a website, you will be needing a good SEO strategy to enhance the authority of your domain. And not to mention, the higher you rank on Google, the easier it gets for your potential customers to find your coworking space online.

2. Host events

If something big or interesting is happening at your coworking space, people should know about it. Now, you must be thinking, why is it so?

Hosting events in your office has always proven to be a great opportunity to attract new clients and generate more business for your company. Start by inviting your staff members, existing customers, and acquaintances to build a good rapport with them. You can host small meetings, company lunches, professional get togethers to promote your coworking space among the people.

Make interesting posts or some fun content to publicize your events on social media platforms.

3. Pay-per-click advertising

While free-of-cost advertisingscheme is good, it might not be always effective especially, in the beginning phase of the business. Hence, you can opt for Pay-Per-Click advertising to enhance the visibility of your coworking space online. In order to do so, you must target relevant keywords to the services offered by your space. You can also include specific details about your Coworking Space, such as its hours of operation, in your PPC ads so that potential clients could find your office easily.

You will also be needing to filter the keywords to generate the high-quality leads.

4. List your space on the popular coworking aggregators

Another interesting way to market your coworking space is to list it on the popular websites or aggregators like Book Office Now. This way people who are searching for decent coworking spaces like yours will find exactly what they want, increasing the chance of them choosing your coworking space.

There are various websites that aggregate information related to the best coworking spaces in certain countries. When you list your office space on the popular websites, there are higher chances of more people knowing about your company which eventually give a boost to your popularity in the market.

5. Build a perfect member experience

No matter how much you promote or advertise your workspace, if it does not like by the people, the clients will not stay with you for a longer period of time. Hence, apart from hosting the events, maintaining a good working environment, providing amenities, you also need to provide a better experience to your members. In simple words, let people know that your coworking space is the best they can get, as per their requirements.

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