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At Cove, we believe in long term partnerships - in terms of both assets and human relationships and having “skin in the game”. Hence, we develop, lease out and maintain all our real estate projects. This ensures a long term assurance and peace of mind for our clients who occupy these spaces for their business.



  • local_parking Parking
  • two_wheeler 2W Parking
  • commute 4W Parking
  • mail Mail Service
  • wifi WiFi
  • lock Locker
  • local_printshop Printer/Scanner/Copy
  • content_paste Whiteboard
  • video_label Projector
  • tv TV
  • battery_charging_full Power backup
  • security Security
  • videocam CCTV
  • ac AC
  • free_breakfast Tea/Coffee
  • fastfood Foods And Beverages
  • food_bank Pantry
  • support_agent Reception
  • phone Intercom Facility

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