Debunking The Common Myths About Coworking Spaces

coworking spaces

It is an undeniable fact that coworking is the future of workspaces, especially after the transformation of work industry caused by the global pandemic. In the recent times, the term “coworking” is gaining a lot of traction as it is providing endless benefits to both employers and employees.

Having said that, as the coworking market is growing at a strong pace in the post-COVID era, several misconceptions have also started emerging about this latest trend which are misguiding the people. Have you ever heard about any bizarre statement related to coworking spaces? Well, it’s the high time to debunk such myths.

On that note, take a look at some of the most common myths about coworking spaces that are misleading the young working professionals.

1. Highly expensive

This is probably the most common statement you must have heard about the coworking spaces. Many people believe that working in a coworking environment would lighten their wallet. However, it is not true. In fact, coworking spaces are generally much less expensive than a traditional office. They come with a flexible lease, all-inclusive monthly payments (which includes access to the valuable amenities) and several other cost-effective benefits.

2. Coworking spaces are only for startups and freelancers

While startup companies, self-employed professionals and freelancers can benefit from a coworking space, the established organisations can also make the most of it. This can be evident from the fact that big players in the different industries such as Zomato, Microsoft, Spotify etc. are also giving preference to coworking spaces rather than a conventional office set-up.

In the recent times, when every organisation, big or small, is looking for a flexible and feasible solution to work, coworking is the answer for them. The adoption of Hybrid model by most of the industries has also led to the growth of coworking market across the country.

3. Noisy environment 

Another common myth about coworking doing rounds in the market is that these offices are noisy and create distraction among employees. On the contrary, coworking spaces have explicitly defined rules and regulations, and almost every employee working in the shared office space observe basic work etiquettes. Not only this, the coworking spaces have private cabins as well. So, if you want to focus on a particular task, you can use them to get the work done without any difficulty.

4. It only works in big cities

It is completely untrue as coworking has now become an integral part of work system in the post-covid era and the coworking market is seeing an uptake not only in the metro cities but in small towns as well. What’s more interesting, coworking spaces are filling the gaps that are usually not filled by traditional office facilities in such areas.

5. Lack of privacy

Many individuals feel that coworking spaces don’t offer privacy. That used to be the case; however, in the post-pandemic times, many business centres are providing the facilities of quiet zones, privacy pods, and other peaceful areas for those who need privacy.

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