Heads Up For Tails: From A Bootstrapped Startup To Becoming 140 crore Pet Firm

heads up for tails

Most of the dog parents fret about finding only the best things for their beloved four-legged friends. Whether it’s an ideal size bed, perfect collar, cute toys, or accessories, everyone wants the quality products and services for their pets. However, in India, the biggest problem is customization of pet products based on the needs of different animals. 

This pain-point gave an idea to Rashi Narang to launch her own brand – Heads Up For Tails. In this blog, we will discuss the success story of this amazing pet firm and understand how Rashi managed to gain so much popularity in the industry. 

How Did It Begin? 

It all started in 2007 when Rashi Narang, London School Of Economics and Political Science alumna, came back to India with her companion Sara, a Labrador, whom she describes as a fur ball of love and naughtiness. Being a pet parent, Rashi wanted only the best and stylish products for the Labra but unfortunately, she wasn’t really satisfied with the quality and options available in the Indian market

This struggle to hunt for good quality dog products for her pet turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Therefore, Rashi decided to start her own business venture of exclusive products for dogs – Heads Up For Tails in 2008. When she founded the company Rashi was just 24 years old. Initially, she began experimenting with simple toys and clothes for dogs. 

Obstacles In The Road

The road to success for Heads Up For Tails was not without its fair share of struggles. When Rashi Narang first approached the local vendors, they took offense as she had asked them to make products for dogs and cats. 

Even if some of them got ready to build high-quality pet products for Rashi, the retail stores simply refused to sell them fearing they wouldn’t be much popular among customers. Hence, Narang later began selling her products via small kiosks.

Another significant challenge faced by Heads Up For Tails was overcoming the stigma associated with pet care products in India. In Indian society where pets were often viewed as secondary to human needs, convincing people of the importance of investing in quality products and services for their furry friends required patience, persistence, and a commitment. 

Growth Of Heads Up For Tails 

The company which started in a small room of Rashi Narang’s house in Delhi now has more than 13000 products, 400 India First Products, 250 brands over 75 stores and 45 expert pet spas. Today, Rashi’s team claims to be growing at 30 per cent YOY, serving more than 1000 customers every month both online and offline.

Defying all the odds, Heads Up For Tails, guided by its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, has reached the pinnacle of success. 

Through strategic partnerships, innovative product offerings, and relentless focus on pet wellness, the brand gradually began to gain traction, attracting a loyal customer base of multiple caring pet parents who embraced this company’s holistic approach to pet care.

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