Important Vastu Shastra Guidelines For Your Office Space

Vastu Shastra tips for office space

The coronavirus pandemic has made people realise about the importance of their mental health and overall wellbeing. It has often seen in many people that despite having the zeal to work, they remain disorganized in their regular tasks, get angry even on small matters, or their mind is unable to focus as soon as they sit at their work desk. Well, it may seem surprising to you but Vastu Shastra has a major role to play in such things.

In fact, many experts believe that Vastu can play a role in everything you do in the office. From financial prosperity to holistic well-being, Vastu tips, if properly followed, could bring a lot of positivity at your workplace.

Let’s delve deeper and discuss about some of the golden Vastu Shastra rules that will upgrade your work environment.

Vastu Shastra guidelines for an office space

  • To bring prosperity at work 
  1. Employees should sit facing the north, east or north-east direction as it will bring positive vibrations in the atmosphere. Also, the biggest reason behind sitting these directions is that the sun rises from the east which makes it conducive for financial growth.
  2. Sales and marketing team should sit in the north-west direction, in such a manner that their seats are facing the north-east direction. This will make sure that the professionals would be more proactive at work.
  3. Accounting professionals should sit in the south-east corner at the office, facing the north-east direction for the increment of company’s profit.
  4. The top management of the company should sit in the western side of the workplace and face the north-east direction as it helps in improving the leadership skills.
  5. In order to bring financial prosperity in the company, once can place a mirror on the northern wall or in the northern section of the workplace. This will ensure better financial opportunities for the organisation.

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  • To create positive energy at work
  1. According to the Vastu Shastra rules, the employees, entrepreneurs, businessmen or any working professional should not sleep at their desk because it creates negative energy around the work environment.
  2. The work desks should be neat, clean and clutter-free. Keep necessary papers and books locked away and arrange the documents on the basis of their importance.
  3. Broken stationery or any other damaged equipment should be discarded. It would help in removing obstacles in the company’s growth.
  4. Employees should make sure that their backs never face a door in their cabins as it will prohibit them from seeing people enter which could foster distrust at workplace.
  • To boost productivity
  1. Keep your face either towards north or east direction while working at the office. These two directions are ideal for working also boost productivity.
  2. Placing plants on your desk could also help you in increasing focus while doing your daily tasks.
  3. Another thing which you can do to boost your productivity at the office as per the rules of Vastu Shastra is working on a square or rectangular-shaped desk as irregular shaped workstations are not considered auspicious.

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