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Oahfeo Workspaces - Business Center
  • Rs. 3500/-
ABL Workspaces Mohan Co Operative New Delhi India
Smartworks - Victoria Park Building
  • Rs. 5000/-
Co-offiz Preet Vihar
  • Rs. 6500/-
WeWork - The Pavilion
  • Rs. 13000/-
Smartworks - Olympia National Towers
  • Rs. 8500/-
  • Rs. 6000/-



I found the platform easy and intutive to use. I was able to book a pre-verified and sanitised workspace on a single click.
Found the perfect space for my team at Hub and Oak. It is clean, green and well maintained. Would definitely recommend.
Shifted my office from a rented premises to coworking. It was the best decision I took, no waste of money, time and effort into management of an office. It was just plug and play.
My refund was processed without any delay once I requested the BON team when I realised that the booked workspace was not suitable for my requirements.


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Coworking Space & Shared Office Space For Rent

Whether you’re looking for a shared office space, a coworking space nearby, or any other coworking office space and shared workspace around the city, here’s what can be your saviour! BOOK OFFICE NOW (BON)- One of the most popular online Aggregators and marketplace when it comes to online bookings for shared office spaces and coworking office spaces. Book Office Now has curated a location-specific, easy to access, convenient, and one spot portal when you’re searching for coworking space near me, shared workspace near me or coworking space nearby, and office space near me. BON has a Pan India presence with centers spreading over almost all the major cities in India including Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Kolkata.

 This online portal is your friendly marketplace for workspaces narrowing down the coworking space nearby. From high-end to pocket-friendly, plush to a basic category, you name it and we have it when it comes to your need for a shared office space. You are never too far away from your workspace when you are at the Book Office Now. We got you covered when it comes to your commercial workspace.

 We let the customer know which coworking office spaces have been verified and which coworking office spaces are offering sanitized facilities as verified through our quality check mechanisms so that the user can make the right choice depending on their needs. The interface is also user-friendly, which can be easily understandable by newbies and the ones who're using our services for the very first time. When it comes to the authenticity of the listing that we display, you don't have to worry about even a bit about it. As we only display the most genuine and verified  coworking office space that can suit your needs and further helps you to grow your company efficiently. We display different options to get your needs fulfilled and to choose the one which suits all your essential shared workspace needs. We always believe in providing you with the nearest available coworking office for you to reduce your traveling efforts and costs. Also, you don't have to worry much about the safety of transactions with us as we are using highly secured servers to keep the safety at its best. So far, it was very difficult to find the most appropriate coworking space for your location. We aim to fill this gap for you. We ensure our quality check with our listings and also allow our users to visit the place before finalizing it as their shared office space. If anything urgent comes up or if you're having any second thoughts regarding your booking of a workspace, then we also provide a cancellation feature to our customers. If you don't find it well and further wish to go ahead with some other options then you can simply connect with one of our representatives to get your refund. It's that simple. 

 We aim to make sure that customers know exactly what they’re getting into when it comes to the places listed on our platform. 

 With a simple click on 'Find near me', you will be able to access an extensive list of "Coworking space near me" or "shared workspace near me" narrowing down the nearest and that neighbourhood coworking space nearby that you never knew existed. So, when at BON you are never too far off or lost especially when you are looking for an office space for rent. 


Benefits of Coworking Space and Shared Office Space

 Inflated rents, hidden charges and uninspiring interiors may not be conducive to a productive work environment. Because of this and other factors, coworking and shared office spaces for small businesses (and even big corporations) are becoming more popular by the day. Shared offices aren't just for companies with lots of staff and clients: they're also available to freelancers looking for a professional base that isn't too pricey. So if you're starting up, serviced offices personalised to your business needs are worth considering a host of benefits they offer like: 

  • Flexibility

Our contracts are flexible. No long-term contracts, complicated rental agreements or multiple operational contracts. With a shared office space, you have all the amenities taken care of and you have a management team in place that will take care of your specific business requirements. 

  • Cost Effective

With a traditional shared office space, you might have to worry about budgeting for things like electricity bills, internet bills or coffee from safes. These costs will be included in your coworking agreement, so if you need to scale back on your spending habits, you can do so without being concerned over additional fees that are associated with scaling down your office expenses. The choice is yours!

  • Community

A huge benefit of coworking is the sense of community one has within this space. Instead of working alone in isolation, one can notify a diverse group of people bringing multiple skill sets on the table. It's great being able to work with more than just your team for projects because more people help complete bigger projects faster! A great peer group offers the perfect setting to boost productivity and grow ideas. This is possible because sharing information ups your profits which are boosted again by positivity growing from partnerships formed with other businesses or freelancers you've worked with.


Why choose BON? 

Book Office Now (BON) - A website one of its kind that allows you to search for and reserve coworking office, including coworking desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and virtual offices near you. It offers you the best price range without compromising the quality of your workspace. From basic amenities to your specific requests, BON takes care of all the services when you book a space through it. 

A number of professionals and companies can then connect with these listing-holders through the Book Office Now website, where they can compare all the available coworking space nearby to find one that offers the services and amenities that fit their needs and requirements. So no more exhausting "shared workspace near me" and "coworking space near me" searches because Book Office Now (BON) has got it all covered for you!