Success Story Of Yulu: An Eco-Friendly Startup Leading India Towards A Sustainable Future

success story of Yulu

How many times have you been frustrated by your city’s congested traffic? Whether you’re leaving for an important meeting, or you need to get to the hospital urgently, the roads determine whether you will be able to make it on time or not. With a continuously increasing number of vehicles in India, even the highways have become more clogged,  causing major inconvenience to the people. In order to solve this growing problem, Amit Gupta along with his business partners founded Yulu, a technology-driven mobility platform. The company offers super comfortable and ergonomically products designed to facilitate the easy shift from conventional modes of transportation. 

Moving on, let’s discuss more about the success story of Yulu. 

How Did It begin? 

Before starting Yulu, Amit Gupta founded mobile marketing platform InMobi. During his professional stint in his previous company, Amit often traveled to China where he came to know about the bike-sharing concept. He was very impressed by the services of platforms like Ofo and Mobike. Within two years of their inception in the market, these companies had gained massive popularity in China. 

Keeping this in mind, Amit realised that India also needed such sort of arrangement to solve the growing problems of traffic congestion and air pollution. All he needed to do was modify the concept of bike-sharing to suit the economy and society of India. Hence, with an aim to rectify urban mobility problems Amit decided to set up his own business venture in Bangalore which we all know today as Yulu. 

The IIT Kanpur alumnus launched Yulu in 2017 along with Naveen Dachuri, RK Mishra, and Hemant Gupta. For a city like Bangalore which has more than 80 lakh registered vehicles, Yulu was able to make a huge impact on the society.

Obstacles In The Road

No Pain No Gain! Every one of us must have heard about this old and famous saying but some people have literally felt the actual meaning of this. Yulu founders were among those people. They had to face various obstacles on their path to success. Changing the mindset of the people was one of the major challenges for the company. It has been an issue for the team of Yulu since the beginning of the company. In a country like India, people are not much comfortable making the switch from a petrol/ diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle. However, Yulu made people realise the importance of such energy-saving vehicles and eventually users understood that they had to change their mindset. 

Success Of Yulu

The company which was started with a small and simple vision of improving traffic congestion issues has now hit 10,000 vehicles on the road, including 8,000 cycles and 2,000 of its Yulu Miracle EV’s. Currently, Yulu is continuing its operations in the cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Bhubaneswar, and Delhi. However, they are planning to expand their business in about 56 Indian cities, considering the rise in demand for electric vehicles.

Yulu has the largest fleet of bicycles or e-bikes in India. It has now built a user base of 1.5 million registered users and the brand’s popularity is growing with each passing day. 


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