Qubikals Coworking Space

Open All Days


We founded QUBIKALS co-working space for people just like us: curious, hard working, sociable entrepreneurs. People who want to focus on creating great, innovative products and businesses without worrying about rent, electricity or running out of coffee. Spaces are designed to keep the spirits high and full of energy & positive vibes with modern-day amenities and state of the art infrastructure. Come and revolutionise work at QUBIKALS! Our Coworking Space has everything you could ask for with your workplace: incredible facilities, a supportive community and a network of industry leaders.



  • local_parking Parking
  • two_wheeler 2W Parking
  • commute 4W Parking
  • wifi WiFi
  • lock Locker
  • local_printshop Printer/Scanner/Copy
  • content_paste Whiteboard
  • security Security
  • videocam CCTV
  • ac_unit AC
  • free_breakfast Tea/Coffee
  • support_agent Reception

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