Premisin - Vallabh Nagar

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We know that the core of all of us is WORK. It has grown to be a part of our lives, not just a job. Premisin simply doesn’t provide you with a co-working space, but we make sure you meet all your needs. For goal-orientated start-ups, innovative bugs, and budding entrepreneurs, we have established a collaborative work area that provides norms. With modern-day facilities, spaces are built to sustain vitality and positive flow. We believe in revolutionizing your space just the way you want, liberating our reach to your comfort. Premisin offers facilities that are spacious, accessible and comfortable for the benefit of our society.



  • local_parking Parking
  • two_wheeler 2W Parking
  • commute 4W Parking
  • mail Mail Service
  • wifi WiFi
  • videocam CCTV
  • ac_unit AC
  • free_breakfast Tea/Coffee
  • food_bank Pantry
  • touch_app Biometric Access/Access Card
  • elevator Lift Access
  • person_pin Onsite Staff
  • support_agent Reception

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