603 The CoWorking Space

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  • Sunday  


Your life is an orchestra. Your business is the Symphony in it. 603 The Co-Working Space is built to give your symphony wings to fly. Imagine to enjoy the fresh Barista in the morning in a well lit office with someone who works 24/7 to ensure you come in with a smile and leave with one..For the Inquisitive ones, 6 is the Number of Humans (You), 0 Is the number of Infinity and 3 is the Number of Existence. Your existence in life is defined by who you are and what you do. Hence, 603 as a number Defines "Your Infinite Existence".



  • local_parking Parking
  • two_wheeler 2W Parking
  • commute 4W Parking
  • mail Mail Service
  • wifi WiFi
  • router Leased Line
  • lock Locker
  • local_printshop Printer/Scanner/Copy
  • content_paste Whiteboard
  • video_label Projector
  • tv TV
  • laptop Computer on hire
  • battery_charging_full Power backup
  • security Security
  • videocam CCTV
  • ac_unit AC
  • free_breakfast Tea/Coffee
  • fastfood Foods And Beverages
  • touch_app Biometric Access/Access Card
  • bedtime Night Shift
  • person_pin Onsite Staff
  • support_agent Reception
  • phone Intercom Facility
  • weekend Recreational Area
  • miscellaneous_services Tech Support

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