5 Ways To Market Your Coworking Space Post Covid-19

5 Ways To Market Your Coworking Space Post Covid-19

Covid 19 has affected life in a multitude of ways, specifically, the hospitality and service-based industries like coworking spaces took a big hit during the onslaught of Covid 19. Coworking and remote work were on the rise before the pandemic hit the world. But, now the demand for coworking spaces has gone for a dip as people are struggling with safety reasons and hesitant to step out. Even though after many readjustments and efforts, spaces across the globe have now slowly started reopening with social distancing and sanitation measures in place. 

Professionals and corporates have also been hit by the adverse impact of the virus, and so to minimize the losses it is imperative for them to cut-cost wherever possible. And for some, this meant cancelling their workspace agreements. 

So, now the main question is, how do you fill this void? How do you market your space in a manner that reassures the client that it is safe to come back or even get new clients on board? And last, but definitely not the least, how do you also ensure cost-effective marketing while getting new business?  

To help you find the answers to these questions, today, we have come up with 5 ways to market your coworking space post covid-19. Sounds interesting? Right! 

So, let us quickly dive in. 

Top 5 Ways To Market Your Coworking Post-Covid

  1. Update local listings

Most co-work spaces had to limit their opening hours during the pandemic or even close altogether. So, the first way is to check and update your opening hours on all the local listings like Google My Business and more. 

This is just to showcase that you’re operating and back in business. Along with this, you can also add a link to your organization’s health and safety policies. This will help in reassuring the existing or even potential clients. 

  1. Virtually, show people around 

The world has been functioning virtually since the beginning of the last year. And so, it is time for you to do the same. Use more virtual tours to enable existing and potential clients to see the experience of the space, without needing to visit in person. 

So, if you are wondering this will burn a big hole in your pocket, you are wrong! There is absolutely no need for any special equipment or personnel for that matter. You are doing this with the simple aim of giving people a feeling of your space and talking them through it. You want to make them feel safe and comfortable coming back. 

  1. Communicate

If you don’t know this, your clients are waiting for you to tell them ‘that it’s okay and what it’s going to be like when they come back post-covid.’ So, it becomes even more important to communicate and tell them everything they need to know to feel safe and comfortable. Also, don’t hesitate to over-communicate if necessary.  

Your only goal should be to ensure proper and timely communication of new and updated health and safety policies along with other new updates to make your co-work a safe place for all. 

Operate on the motto – “Clear and Transparent Content”. 

  1. Word of mouth

Word of mouth publicity or say marketing still tops the list. Why? Because first-hand experiences are always gold and precious. They are directly shared one-on-one without any marketing strategies or techniques in place. This is your most trusted way of marketing along with being cost-effective. 

So, have a word with your clients or members, especially the ones who have been associated with you for a long period of time and ask them to spread a word of mouth for you and your coworking space. 

It can be done in many ways, thanks to the digital age. They can share your posts on social media, or spread a word about you in their organization by sending an email or something. And, as a small gesture you can offer them a freebie or a discount in return. 

  1. Analyze Data 

Keywords and PPC are imperative to any business. And, while you’re running ads by spending money, it becomes even more important to discuss and analyse your data to be able to reach out to more people and get new clients on board. 

Do proper research on what terms or keywords are being used and target them specifically. For instance, to reassure your clients while running ads, avoid using terms like shared spaces and instead use terms like safe and healthy space. 

Running ads is all about conversion and so, these small changes will go a long way. Keep updating things regularly to see a difference and gradually you’ll see your business grow. 

After all, change is the only constant. And in order to survive and keep moving in these challenging times, unique and out of the box marketing ideas can only help you and your co-work space to thrive and grow. 

And, as they say, ‘The Sooner, The Better!’

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